What kind of orchid do I have?

First, look to see if there is a tag on the plant or on the pot. If there are abbreviations you do not understand, look at the first word and see if it looks like an abbreviation for the orchid names below.

If you do not have the original tag identifying the orchid, then the easiest way to identify it is with the flowers. Look at the shape, color, patterns, and size of the bloom. Most orchids come in many colors, so you cannot identify an orchid solely by the color or size of the flower, but it may help narrow it down. If the orchid is not in bloom, then it is much more difficult to identify it, but you may be able to narrow it down by looking at the leaves and other characteristics of the plant itself.

Cattleya or Laelia >
Cymbidium >
Dendrobium >
Epidendrum >
Masdevallia >
Miltonia >
Odontoglossum >
Oncidium >
Paphiopedilum >
Phalaenopsis >
Vanda >