My Dormant Orchids are Growing?

One of my most frustrating experiences as a beginning orchid grower was understanding this thing called “the dormant season.” My orchids all seem to be growing or flowering in the winter. Even some Dendrobiums and Cattleyas which didn’t seem to do anything all year long suddenly started growing and blooming in December. How could they be called dormant? But then I discovered that “dormant season” is more about environmental conditions (cooler temperatures, lower light, and less water.) Consider the fact that some orchids may grow during their dormant season just part of their charm, and resist the temptation to water a lot during winter.

I’ll be away for a couple weeks, but I hope to have some good orchid pics for you when we get home.

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2 Comments on “My Dormant Orchids are Growing?”

  1. TobiasMom Says:

    great post!!! thanks!!!

  2. Opal Says:

    This is the perfect info I needed! Its winter down under, and my catts blossomed! I worried that I’d need to water them much more and they would rot. Now I know that I can still treat them as dormant. Thank you!