San Francisco Orchid Show

Since we don’t own a car (a big hassle here in San Francisco,) Dave and I usually head to the SF orchid show with our friend Kim. She’s kind enough to give us a ride and help us transport our new orchid purchases home. But this year Kim couldn’t make it, so Dave brought me on the motorcycle. Getting there was no problem, but getting half a dozen orchids home on the motorcycle takes some planning. So, armed with an array of knapsacks and tank bags, after the show we carefully packed the orchids we’d bought, and hoped for the best. I’m happy to report complete success this year — Dave safely drove us home, half way across San Francisco, and the orchids survived just fine. We also packed our cameras, and took lots of pictures. Enjoy some of Dave’s amazing photos. I’ll save some others for another post.

Orchid flowersOrchid flowers

Orchid flowersOrchid flowers

Unconventional orchid transport


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One Comment on “San Francisco Orchid Show”

  1. Kim S Says:

    Love that green motorcycle, and the orchid pics are nice too