More Phipps photos

Here are some more pictures from our recent visit to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA.

Cymbidium flowers

Cymbidium flowers

Originally I mis-identified this orchid. Its correct name is Bifrenaria harrisoniae. The center looks like a smiley face with a fuzzy beard.


In high humidity at Phipps, orchid roots grow exposed to the open air. The roots growing around a wooden basket show how an orchid attaches to a tree branch in the wild.

Orchid roots

Dendrobium nobile is a fragrant orchid native to the Himalayas.

Dendrobium nobile flowers

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One Comment on “More Phipps photos”

  1. arie Says:

    The orchids roots look like octopus arms holding on. I can understand how they stay attached to trees.