Orchid Post Mortem: Sophronitis

A gardener friend once told me that if I’m not killing plants, I’m not learning anything. I do try to avoid fatalities in my learning process, but they still happen sometimes.

Sophronitis cernua flower

This beautiful bloom is from last year, when my little Sophronitis cernua was doing well. This Cattleya relative is native to Brazil. I’ve kept it inside during Winter, and moved it outside on the deck when temps warmed in Spring. This year it went out in April, but unexpected chilly nights down to the 40s F (5-10 C) killed most of the plant. The last few leaves that survived the cold damage finally dropped this week, and the dead plant went into the compost bin.

Sophronitis cernua flower and leaves

So I’ve learned a couple lessons in my orchid post mortem:
1-Sophronitis cannot handle cold temps
2-San Francisco weather is tough to predict (I shouldn’t need a reminder for that one.)

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One Comment on “Orchid Post Mortem: Sophronitis”

  1. Len Says:

    you can see how small the flower is becaus of the moss in the 2nd picture. that really is a mini orchid.