IUCN Red List

Climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, and over-collection threaten the survival of orchid species all over the world. IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, is one of many worthy organizations working hard to save orchids and the environment. They maintain a list of plants and animals facing extinction, and this list includes many orchids. A search of the IUCN Red List for Paphiopedilum shows dozens of endangered & critically endangered Paph species. A search for Dendrobium shows well over 100 endangered species. IUCN has provided essential scientific data for more than 4 decades, and works with experts around the world to help save species.

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2 Comments on “IUCN Red List”

  1. Dale Says:

    Thanks for the info. I searched for ‘orchid’ and got 100s of listings. Its so important that everyone knows that we are doing so much damage to nature on this tiny planet. Its such a sad loss.

  2. ламинат Says:

    I get a lot of interesting ideas from you post- Thanks!