Mini Orchid Gastrochilus

Living in a city where space is at a premium, I can always appreciate the virtues of a small orchid. If it doesn’t need much room, it’s so much easier to rationalize why I should buy it. Many an orchid purchase has been preceded by the statement “I can squeeze it in somewhere since it’s small.”

With that lack of willpower, you can imagine how I’ve accumulated mini orchids over the years. They may not have huge flowers like some Cattleyas, or grand arching sprays of flowers like Phalaenopsis, but mini orchids certainly have their charms. This Gastrochilus japonicus holds its tiny flowers below its leaves like a cluster of grapes. The whole flower cluster is only 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) across.

Gastrochilus flowersGastrochilus flowers

Despite its diminutive size, it’s quite hardy. It tolerates a wide range of temperatures in its native habitat, the shady pine forests of Japan and Taiwan. Pictures below show the flower spike when it was just starting to develop, and the flowers when they were starting to open.

Gastrochilus flower spikeGastrochilus flowers and unopened buds

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One Comment on “Mini Orchid Gastrochilus”

  1. nancy Says:

    really – only an inch and half??? they’re so small. the red and yellow dots make it look like it’s sticking out its tongue