Watering Tips

As the long days of late summer unwind, most orchids should be enjoying a period of growth. Besides light and fertilizer, water is an essential element for healthy new growth. These watering tips can help you avoid some of the most common orchid care problems.

  • – When you water, use more than just a few drops. Pour enough water in the flowerpot to run out of the holes in the bottom, and give the roots a thorough drenching.
  • – Water more often with the heat and longer days of summer. Water less with the cooler, shorter days of winter.
  • – Once a month, flush out the flowerpot with plain water to clean out fertilizer residues. If you soak your orchids, soak them at least once a month without any fertilizer.
  • – Cold water can shock orchids that like warmth, such as Phalaenopsis, Vanda, and Cattleya. Water from the tap may need to be brought to room temperature. Filling the watering can a day early will allow it warm up, and will also allow chlorine to evaporate.
  • – Never let orchid roots sit in water for a prolonged period. Make sure the pot thoroughly drains so the roots can breathe.

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2 Comments on “Watering Tips”

  1. Bill Says:

    Thanks for the helpful care info!

  2. Hanley Says:

    I had a moth orchid that never blooms and now I know why! I been using water from a wter cooler that is cold, but I never even thought about it, even thought I know that moth orchids need warm weather. thanks for the tips. maybe now it will bloom for me