I’m  not quite sure what I did right to coax this Ionocidium into bloom, but I’m not complaining. This hybrid is a cross between 2 kinds of closely related orchids, an Ionopsis and an Oncidium.

Ionocidium flowersIonocidium flowerIonocidium flowers

The lip of the flower is light yellow when it starts to open, and then turns white after a couple days. On the uppermost part of the flower, a yellow cap covers small waxy balls of pollen.

Ionocidium flowerIochroma flowersIonocidium flower

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2 Comments on “Ionocidium”

  1. Hanley Says:

    There is definitely a similarity to Oncidium flower, so I can see that hybrid parent contributed so much to the flower.

  2. nancy Says:

    what a beautiful flower! they look like little white birds with purple and yellow