Regular readers may notice a penchant for the unusual in my orchid collection. So this Trigonidium egertonianum, with a flower that looks like it could be the face of a crab, should come as no surprise. It’s another example of the incredible diversity within the orchid family.

Trigonidium flowerTrigonidium flower

This orchid is native to a wide area of Latin America, from Mexico through Central America, Colombia, and Ecuador. It prefers to be grown in intermediate temperatures, with regular water during spring and summer, and bright light. The name of the Trigonidium genus comes from the Greek word trigonos, or three-cornered, describing the flower shape.

Trigonidium flowerTrigonidium flowerTrigonidium flower side view

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3 Comments on “Trigonidium”

  1. Kevin Williams Says:

    Cool flowers! Your right, there seem to be alot of unusual orchids.

  2. Hanley Says:

    I think that the flower looks more like a bug face than a crab face. I really like stripes on this flowre

  3. nancy Says:

    i can see the crab face. maybe its a crab with a bouffant hairdo.