The New Encyclopedia of Orchids

The New Encyclopedia of Orchids

I’ve been loving this orchid book I got, a great gift from Dave’s grandmother Audrey. It’s The New Encyclopedia of Orchids: 1500 Species in Cultivation, by noted botanist Isobyl La Croix of the Royal Horticultural Society. Within its 500 pages, there are lots of interesting and unusual orchid species, many not commonly seen. You’ll find Masdevallia relatives Dracula and Platystele, Oncidium relatives Capanemia and Rodriguezia, and bizarre Australian orchids like Chiloglottis and Corybas.

This book supplements beautiful photography with detailed care information, from Acampe to Zootrophion, and also reflects recent scientific research and name updates. There are hundreds of  gorgeous pictures, and more stunning flowers than you could ever imagine.

To all, “Happy Hanu-kwanzaa-mas,” as I like to say. Dave prefers “Merry Knish-mas” from his favorite cartoon Chowder. To Audrey, thanks so much for the wonderful book. We both love you very much.

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