Dendrobium kingianum

If you’re looking for a great beginner’s orchid beyond the typical Phal, this Australian Dendrobium species is popular in cultivation and easy to grow. It doesn’t have big showy flowers, but Dendrobium kingianum more than compensates with prolific blooms and a honey-sweet scent. Flowers can last for 2 months.

Dendrobium flowersDendrobium flowersDendrobium flower

This Dendrobium can handle a wide range of temperatures, and can even survive a light freeze. Like many orchids, it does require a cool, dry winter rest or it won’t bloom. Its native home is on the eastern Australian coast around Brisbane, where its roots attach to rocks and cliff faces in exposed areas. Here in San Francisco, I keep mine outdoors all year long, where it enjoys bright light and foggy breezes. For winter, I move the plant into full sun, keep it dry, and only worry about protecting it from heavy winter rains.

Dendrobium flowersDendrobium flowers

There are numerous natural color varieties, and orchid growers have developed many color strains. Below are examples of pink, white, and purple forms. It’s often crossed with other Dendrobium species to create hardy and attractive hybrids, so there’s a wide range of choices to augment a growing orchid collection.

Dendrobium flowers - pink formDendrobium flowers - white formDendrobium flowers - purple form

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3 Comments on “Dendrobium kingianum”

  1. nancy Says:

    i love that purple one at the end. thanx for the great pics!

  2. Robin Ng Says:

    These have my absolute favorite orchid scent of all time! There are lots of hybrids, and some bloom better than others. So I had a few that refused to bloom for me, but others that were covered with flowers.

  3. Joy Blake Says:

    The flowers may be little, but those big clusters look really impressive. Great pics!