Stinking Hot

Spring is in full swing with a heat wave here in San Francisco, setting record highs yesterday and today. While yesterday we reached 93F (34C,) today there are some high clouds than are keeping it down to a more manageable 87F (31C.) Since most people here, including me, don’t have air conditioning, stinking hot is an unfortunately accurate description  That’s my cue to remind you to increase your watering schedule and pay extra attention to humidity during heat waves. Even if the thermostat says it’s comfortable inside, a plant close to a window receives more heat and light, and needs more water.  Many varieties of orchids are coming out of dormancy anyway, so watering more and fertilizing lightly are in order.

Warm growers, like Phals, Vandas, and Cattleyas, can easily handle increased heat as long as it is matched by increased humidity. You may wish to move them into shade to protect them from the strengthening spring sun. For cool growing orchids, like Masdevallias, Miltonias, and Odontoglossums, constant high humidity is essential. I give them repeated mistings throughout the day, and they can survive short term exposure to excessive heat. While these cool growers should not be allowed to dry out during high heat, maintaining high humidity works better than repeated waterings. For myself, in lieu of a personal misting system, I think it’s time for a nice cool shower.

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  1. Joy Blake Says:

    LOL! I’m glad the internet cannot transmit smells yet 😉