A Walk in the Park

Dave and I took advantage of a nice spring day to enjoy nearby Mission Dolores Park, a green island between the Mission and Castro neighborhoods. We didn’t find any orchids, but there was so much in bloom that we barely noticed. These delightful cherry blossoms had us pulling out our cameras before we even got to the park. Along the way we also looked up at a majestic Canary Island Date Palm, which can grow taller than 60 ft. (18 m.) This one was a baby by comparison at about 40 ft. (12 m.)

Cherry blossoms with Victorian architecture in backgroundCherry blossoms close upCanary Island Date Palm

Eventually we made it to the park, and the flower beds were bursting with new growth. Of course, spring in California means poppies, which are the official state flower. The blue Love-in-the-mist and yellow iris need no official recognition to proclaim their beauty.

PoppiesNigella flowerIris flower

The gorgeous orange flower below looks like a type of daisy. It was partially hidden by the dense growth around it, easily missed by those rushing by. Next, there’s a park view of  nearby Mission High School. The building in the distance on the right with a gilded dome is San Francisco City Hall. Finally, a view of downtown from the park shows overhead trolley wires in the foreground, and the famous Transamerica Pyramid in the distance.

Orange flowerView of Mission High from Dolores ParkView of downtown San Francisco from Dolores Park

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3 Comments on “A Walk in the Park”

  1. Russ Says:

    http://www.aboutorchids.com to GoogleReader!

  2. JB Says:

    Thanks for the great pics of SF. I luv the city by the bay!

  3. ric Says:

    the blue nigella flower is amazing. nature is the most incredible architect.