Singapore Botanic Gardens

Our good friend and cat-sitter extraordinaire, Jan-Marie, recently enjoyed a trip to Malaysia and Singapore, where she visited Singapore Botanic Gardens. The Republic of Singapore is a small island nation located very close to the equator, so naturally this former British colony is home to many tropical orchids.  Singapore is also one of the world’s largest commercial orchid growers, specializing in warm growers like Phals, Vandas, Paphs, and Dendrobiums.

Garden gatePurple Vanda flowersLady Slipper flower

The National Orchid Garden is part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and contains over 3,000 orchid species and hybrids. The pictures below show Vanda Miss Joaquim, the national flower of Singapore. This hybrid orchid blooms almost continuously when given full sun, heavy water, regular fertilizer, and warm temperatures. It has unusual, thin, pencil-shaped leaves that look more like stems than foliage.

Vanda Miss Joaquim flowersVanda Miss Joaquim flowers and leavesYoung Vanda Miss Joaquim plants showing leaves and roots

More pictures below show a Spathoglottis flower, lots of Phals, a rainbow of Vanda flowers, and Vanda plants attached to a tree. Thanks so much, Jan-Marie, for sharing your marvelous pictures!

Spathoglottis flower and budsPhalaenopsis flowers

Vanda flowers and plantsVanda orchids growing in a tree

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2 Comments on “Singapore Botanic Gardens”

  1. Robin Ng Says:

    Thank your friend Jan Marie for the great photos. I love the one with the vandas up in the tree branches.

  2. Joy Blake Says:

    Ive been to Singapore Botanic Gardens and they’re truly brilliant. Vanda Miss Joaquin grows all over the island. I’ve seen it growing wild in Hawaii also.