Orchid Conservation Alliance

The Orchid Conservation Alliance (OCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving orchids in their native habitats. OCA supports numerous projects to preserve orchids around the world. With the backing of individuals, orchid societies, prominent scientists, and orchid vendors, OCA places emphasis on saving wild rainforest habitats. Some of the strategies of organizations supported by the OCA include setting up rainforest preserves, working with local communities for sustainable land management, and sponsoring essential scientific research.

The OCA also organizes trips to orchid hotspots such as Brazil and Ecuador. By viewing orchids in their natural habitats, the need for saving them in their wild homes becomes readily apparent. The OCA offers several ways to contribute, including memberships and donations. Members receive benefits such as the organization’s periodic newsletters.

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  1. Mark Sullivan Says:

    Ever heard of the Orchid Conservation Coalition? You can explore orchid conservation happening around the world. http://www.orchidconservationcoalition.org

  2. ida Says:

    Great Post, Thanks.