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Here are some more photos from the tropical rainforest exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences. The first set shows 2 kinds of Epidendrums. With fragrant green, white, and purple flowers, Epidendrum paniculatum is a common species found from Mexico and Belize south to Brazil and Argentina. There are several color varieties of this species throughout its large range. The last picture in this set shows a different Epidendrum species with a solid purple color.

Epidendrum flowersEpidendrum flowers

Epidendrum flowerEpidendrum flowers

I have several readers who are butterfly lovers, and I promised some more pictures. These stunning beauties were flying all over the exhibit, but they don’t sit still for long, so taking pictures is a challenge. There are 2 more shots of poison dart frogs, named because Amazon natives used poisons from the frogs’ skins on the tips of blowdarts. The colorful frogs are tiny, under 1 inch (2.5 cm) long. Most species are critically endangered because of habitat destruction, climate change, and pollution. The Academy of Sciences works for conservation of these frogs and many more rare species, including endangered orchids.

Tropical butterflyTropical butterfly

Costa Rican poison dart frogPoison dart frog from Madagascar

Here are even more butterflies. Along with the blue gecko in the last photo, they show a little tropical color from this amazing Academy of Sciences exhibit.

Tropical butterflyTropical butterfly

Tropical butterflyBlue lizard

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5 Comments on “More from the California Academy of Sciences”

  1. Chu Says:

    those are beautiful pictures. I love the butterflys and the great bright colors on the frogs. Thanks.

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  3. Rose Says:

    Amazing pics!!! Those frogs look like little plastic toys, but I know they’re real, and those colors on the orchids and butterflies are simply outstanding. Thanks so much!!!

  4. Manuel Says:

    thanks for the great pix in both posts

  5. Dennis Says:

    Great article