Orchid Post Mortem: Sedirea

A major emphasis of this blog is demonstrating that orchids are easy to grow and flower, but we’re all human, and mistakes are always going to be part of the process. Many mistakes can be fixed, but unfortunately some may be fatal. These photos show my Sedirea in happier times, before it died a few weeks ago. I always try to treat such experiences as learning opportunities, so that I don’t repeat the same mistake with another orchid.

Sedirea flowerSedirea flowersSedirea plant with flower buds

This little charmer has a strong, sweet scent. It’s native to temperate forests of Japan and Korea, and it can handle a wide range of temperatures. Mine seemed happy living outdoors in our mild climate for the past few years. I kept it shaded for spring and summer, and moved it into brighter light during winter’s weaker sun. This year when I moved it back into shade for spring, I put it alongside a larger orchid, my Zygo. In shadow of the larger pot, it was fine for light, but not for water. I didn’t notice that the larger pot was blocking the Sedirea from the hose until a heat wave, when the leaves flattened and shriveled. It was all downhill from there, despite my attempts at resuscitation with extra water for a few weeks.

Sedirea flower side viewSedirea flower

While I won’t be enjoying these blooms again in my garden anytime soon, I do get to take away some lessons. First, Sedireas need regular water, and second, I have too many orchids to keep track of them anymore!

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6 Comments on “Orchid Post Mortem: Sedirea”

  1. Joe Says:

    LOL! Thanks for posting about this, it’s great to know that I’m not the only one who kills ’em.

  2. Don Says:

    The colors and banding look like they are painted on by an artist. I like that even the picture of the plant with closed flower buds, you can see some of the color pattern in the flower.

  3. Robin Ng Says:

    I have a Sedirea but the flowers have a lot more pink color than yours do (oops, than yours did, sorry about that!) Mine must be a color variation. Thanks for the advice about not letting it dry out.

  4. Joy Blake Says:

    Well, at least you took some great pics before it kicked the bucket.

  5. GreenThumbGuy Says:

    No charges will be filed in the herbicide…

  6. Dennis Says:

    Good article