Little Birds

If you’d enjoy having a pet bird, but don’t want the noise, smell, and mess, this little orchid may be your solution. Named Ornithophora, its flowers look like little birds with head, beak, long neck, and wings spread out behind. As an added bonus, it has a light, sweet scent. I’ve been growing this reliable species from Brazil for years, and it’s been a regular bloomer. When Dave zooms in with the camera, you can really admire its intricate flowers.

Ornithophora flowers and leafOrnithophora flower close upOrnithophora flowers

This Oncidium relative takes up much less space than an aviary. It’s a mini orchid with flowers just 0.4 inches (1 cm) high. The blooms may be small, but there are lots of them, with each spike carrying a dozen or more. They can last as long as 2 months with regular water and high humidity.

Ornithophora flowersOrnithophora flower close upOrnithophora flowers

Some orchids are undergoing name changes as scientists use DNA analysis to better understand the massive orchid family. This species used to be named Sigmatostalix, but is now called Ornithophora. No matter the name, this easy grower is a great alternative to changing the newspaper in a birdcage.

Ornithophora flower close upOrnithophora flower side viewOrnithophora flower close up

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6 Comments on “Little Birds”

  1. nancy Says:

    Cool – they even look like they’re flying and they have eyes. Thanx for the great pix!

  2. AnnaJ Says:

    great little flowers! its amazing how diverse the orchid world is.

  3. Joy Blake Says:

    Thanks for the photos! Its great that you have lots of different angles on the flowers.

  4. GreenThumbGuy Says:

    Neat pics, but I only grow orchids if the flowrs are big enuf for me to actually see!

  5. Rita Davis Says:

    dNice shots.

  6. Hanley Says:

    Great pictures!!!