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My good friend and fellow orchid nut Kim lives a few blocks away. She’s just on the other side of Dolores Park in San Francisco’s Mission District, and our microclimates are very close. Like me, she’s run out of room for orchids inside, so she enjoys cool growing varieties that can stay outside all year. For a recent visit, I actually remembered to bring my camera, and got some nice shots. The first set shows a purple Encyclia (an Epidendrum relative,) an orange Masdevallia with purple spots, and a purple Arpophyllum (with flowers similar to the related species that I keep.)
Encyclia flowersMasdevallia flowers and leavesArpophyllum flowers and leaves

Next, this fascinating Coelogyne provides another great example that not all orchid beauty comes from warm, tropical jungles. This species is native to the foothills of the Himalayas, in a region stretching through India, Nepal, China, and Burma. The flowers have a great fringed lip, and they can last for months.

Coelogyne flowersCoelogyne flowersCoelogyne flower

Finally, some of Kim’s non-orchid blooms include a waxplant and a bromeliad. With such wonderful flowers, it’s always a pleasure to hang out in Kim’s garden.

Waxplant flowers, buds and vineBromeliad flowers

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8 Comments on “Kim’s Garden”

  1. temperance Says:

    Those are wonderful looking Coelogynes. Very fancy.

  2. Kim Says:

    Hi there!

    The waxplant is a Hoya, and is likely about 30+ years old! I have more blooms just getting ready to open, I love this plant.

    I have had good luck with Coelogynes in this climate, most are reliable bloomers for me. The only issue is providing the dryness that some require during the winter in our climate….winters my house is even more cluttered with plants due to bringing some inside that I just cannot keep dry out there!

  3. Wendy K Says:

    it looks like Kim and I have something in common: we both love purple flowers.

  4. Rita Davis Says:

    thanks for the beautiful photos!!

  5. joel300 Says:

    thats a great encyclia!

  6. dave88 Says:

    great article & pics

  7. FX84 Says:

    The information here is great.


  8. MarkSpizer Says:

    great post as usual!