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In case you thought we only took pictures of orchids at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, I’ve got proof to the contrary. Personally, I’m fascinated by all manner of flora and fauna, but even the most devoted orchid snob would pause for these sights.

Palms at Hawaii Tropical Botanical GardenFlower at Hawaii Tropical Botanical GardenAwapuhi aka Shampoo Ginger

Palm leavesTorch gingerCalathea leaves

Of course, there were more astounding orchids also, like the sweet smelling Aerides in the next two photos. It’s related to Vandas and Phals, and one of the great warm growers that are tough to keep in foggy San Francisco. The third photo shows chains of tiny flowers from a colorful Dendrochilum.

Aerides flowersAerides flower close upDendrochilum flowers

This very strange Bulbophyllum is another warm growing orchid, with tiny flowers that look like passengers on a boat, or an upside-down caterpillar. The white flowers of a fragrant Neobenthamia look normal by comparison, even though they bloom on top of a tall, bamboo-like plant just like an Arundina.

Unusual Bulbophyllum flowersBulbophyllum flowers close upNeobenthamia flowers

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6 Comments on “More from Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden”

  1. Frederick Says:

    Thanks for the great pix!

  2. Cindi Says:

    I love that orange pinwheel flower. The bublophylum can’t possibly be real its the weirdist flower I’ve ever seen.

  3. nancy Says:

    thanks for the pretty photos. that looks like paradise!

  4. DT65 Says:

    Great photos! I really like that boat flower, but I dont want to try to pronouce it!

  5. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » Heliconias Says:

    […] tropical America and some Pacific Islands. These photos show plants growing in a similar rainforest climate at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. […]

  6. Hanley Says:

    Thanks for the pretty photos. I love the orange pinwheel flower!!!