More Orchids in an Ice Rink

Along with a striking Ghost Orchid, there were some wonderful blooms at last weekend’s Orchid Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania Show in an Erie ice rink. Since I advise against mixing orchids with ice, you’ll be happy to know that the skating ice was covered, and the ice rink was room temperature. Orchids on display, like this Phal, Vanda, and Oncidium, were perfectly comfortable.

Phalaenopsis flowerAscocenda flowersOncidium flowers

There were lots of Lady Slippers on display, too. The next photo shows a Paphiopedilum, or Paph, with the pouch that gives it a classic Lady Slipper shape. The second photo shows a Phragmipedium, or Phrag (pronounced “frag,”) another genus that falls in the Lady Slipper family. This species’ petals can hang down 2.5 feet (76 cm,) making them some of the largest flowers in the world. The third photo shows a Cypripedium, or Cyp (pronouced “sip.”) This species is commonly called the Kentucky Lady Slipper, and has a native range that stretches from Louisiana and Texas north to Ohio.

Paphiopedilum flowersPhragmipedium plant and flowers with very long petalsCypripedium flower

A few members of the bizarre Bulbophyllum family were also on display. Many flowers from this genus have unusual shapes and moving parts. Some species have foul scents to attract pollinating flies. Admire the flowers, but stick your nose in at your own risk!

Bulbophyllum flower close upBulbophyllum flowerBulbophyllum flowers

Of course, most of the orchids smelled just fine. Other varieties on display included a Laelia, a Masdevallia, and another Vanda. Maybe I’ll need to rethink this orchids-with-ice thing after all.

Laelia flowersMasdevallia flowerVanda flowers

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7 Comments on “More Orchids in an Ice Rink”

  1. Kim Colapret Says:

    Foul scent in an orchid? Now I’m going to be afraid to smell them. I’m glad we don’t have smell-a-vision on the internet.

  2. glenno Says:

    Beautiful pics!

  3. Todd C Says:

    Great pics-I love all those weird ones. Glad I don’t have to smell the bad ones.

  4. Tony White Says:

    You have great examples of each of the genera that forms what we commonly think of as “Lady Slippers”. Most people don’t realize that term encompasses several genera including Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Cypripedium and Mexipedium (I guess there none of those at the show). Almost all the Lady Slippers you see for sale are Paphiopedilums, so when my friends say they’ve brought one from a supermarket, I know how to tell them to take care of it (Phrags and Cyps have different care instructions.)

  5. w32blaster Says:

    cool post — nice pics — great blog

  6. nancy Says:

    I love those weird bulbophyllums. Thanks for the great photos.

  7. chiefpilot Says:

    nice blog thanks