Morning Sun

Some varieties of orchids need direct morning sun to grow well and bloom. Morning sun is better than afternoon sun because the afternoon sun is usually hotter, and also dries the air more. Dry air can stress orchid plants. They can make better use of the cooler morning sun for photosynthesis. For the same reason, if it’s an unusually hot or dry day, it’s a good idea to shade the orchid from any direct sunlight, and pay extra attention to maintaining good humidity. Common varieties that enjoy morning sun include:

Move plants into brighter light gradually. To prevent sunburn, slowly introduce plants to morning sun over 2 weeks.

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7 Comments on “Morning Sun”

  1. Amber Redding Says:

    cool post
    helpful info

  2. Franc K Says:

    I live on the Oregon coast where our climate is always cool, so my orchids don’t mind our afternoonsun. I think the cooler weather and high humidity must moderate that effect of a strong afternoon sun.

  3. Karen Grace Says:

    Great informative article.

  4. Professor Randy Says:

    Many other kinds of orchids like some sun also. They don’t bloom without some sunlight. Its good to grow them with enough light to make leaves light green… if they are dark green, the orchid won’t bloom.

  5. nancy Says:

    Since I’m way up North near Buffalo, my orchids can handle afternoon sun too. On really hot days I just close the curtains, but the rest of the year they can handle sunshine later in the day.

  6. erica Says:

    cool post

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