Orchid Bonanza at the Chelsea Flower Show

If you’re in London, there’s still one more day to catch the Chelsea Flower Show. It’s not an orchid show, but it is the most famous flower show in the world. Among the roses and royals, there are lots of orchids. In fact, the Royal Horticultural Society has proclaimed an “Orchid Bonanza” at this year’s show. There are more orchid displays than ever, and a Lady Slipper species, Cypripedium flavum, won third place for Best Flower in Show.

If, like me, you’re very unlikely to make it to London in time, you can still enjoy this article about the show in The Baltimore Sun. They have a nice photo gallery that includes 4 pictures of Phals.

This BBC article features an award-winning Miltonia display. There’s a good photo gallery there, too.

AsiaOne News has a story about Queen Elizabeth admiring some Taiwanese orchids during her visit to the show.

Also check out this article from the Telegraph, “Guns and chainsaws highlight plight of the rainforests” about an award-winning display that pleads for conservation. It’s an essential message, even among all those dazzling flowers.

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6 Comments on “Orchid Bonanza at the Chelsea Flower Show”

  1. Charlie S Says:

    Cool post! the picture of the elephant made from orchid petals is amazing.

  2. java girl Says:

    good conservation exhibit
    gardeners should all be natural allies with conservationists and the communities should work together more
    its nice to see this at such a prominent flower show

  3. Karen Grace Says:

    Good article.

  4. Kicker Says:

    Interesting, are you going to continue this article?

  5. Ann D Says:

    Oh, how I wish I could go to the Chelsea Flower Show someday! The news stories make it look so wonderful. I can dream maybe someday in the future I’ll get there.

  6. nancy Says:

    Just what I need, another reason to go to London!