Super Ghost

While the rare and elusive Ghost Orchid can pop up in some unusual places, the most reliable spot to see one in bloom is the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Naples, Florida. This July, one happy plant is again visible from the comfort of their boardwalk. With 14 flower buds that will open over the next month, local biologists have nicknamed this specimen the “Super Ghost.” Most Ghost Orchids have a maximum of 3 blossoms per year, but this plant reliably has at least a dozen. It already had a single out-of-season bloom in March.

This Super Ghost has inspired local businesses to offer Ghost Orchid specials. Hotels, restaurants, and even a nearby Seminole Casino give discounts to orchid tourists who show their Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary receipt. Ghost Orchids may be rare enough, but it’s much rarer when one can help orchid lovers to save money.

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6 Comments on “Super Ghost”

  1. Joy Blake Says:

    Do you know why this ghost orchid blooms with so many flowers? I wonder what makes it “super”?

  2. Salli Says:

    I love the ghost orchid pics thanks

  3. nancy Says:

    maybe this super ghost knows its being watched and likes to put on a show.

  4. GlammGrrl Says:

    cool post thanks

  5. NaCk Says:

    I herd the xtra cold winter (down in the 30’s) might have caused it, maybe triggered so many flowers

  6. ERIK Says:

    The ghost orchid flowers look like white frogs to me, not ghosts. Their great anyway.