Repotting an orchid while it’s blooming often causes the flowers to drop, so it’s best to wait until the flowers have finished. But what happens if an orchid just won’t stop blooming? That’s the “problem” I have with this Kefersteinia. It’s been in bloom for over a year now, and it’s messing up my repotting schedule. Each small blossom only lasts about a week, but the plant provides a constant supply. Kefersteinias are related to Zygos.

Kefersteinia flowerKefersteinia flower side viewKefersteinia flower and plant

This species has thin leaves and no pseudobulbs, so it needs daily watering, high humidity, and good air movement. The 1 inch (2.5 cm) yellow flowers have dark red spots and a white lip. Each intricate bloom has a pointed yellow “fang” that gives the impression of a snake’s mouth.

Kefersteinia flower close upKefersteinia flower close upKefersteinia flower side-view close-up

These fascinating flowers grace cloud forests in Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica. I don’t know if it blooms as profusely in its native home as it does for me, but with a regular supply of fascinating flowers, I guess repotting will have to wait.

Kefersteinia flowers, buds and leavesKefersteinia plant with flowersKefersteinia flower side view

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5 Comments on “Kefersteinia”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Great blog! And really cool orchid, I’ve never heard of Kefersteinia before. Zygos are one of my favorite orchids though, so of course I love anything related to them!

  2. All about Orchid Care Says:

    wow nice pictures, so cute. Thank you for sharing such information.

  3. Amy Waldman Says:

    The flowrs look so small! They are very pretty though.

  4. GAnc31 Says:

    What delightful flowers! I love the fang coming down from the top. Thanks for the photographs and the blog post.

  5. M Peary Says:

    These are beautiful and such lovely colours.