American Orchid Society

For almost 90 years, the American Orchid Society (AOS) has promoted orchid enjoyment, education, research, and conservation. Now, like many of us, this great non-profit organization is struggling in the slow economy. If you’re not a member already, you can help by joining the AOS. Members receive benefits such as the award-winning magazine Orchids. Along with gorgeous photos, the monthly magazine is full of outstanding articles on a vast array of orchid topics.

Membership perks also include coupons for orchids and supplies, access to extensive online orchid info, discounts at more than 200 botanical gardens, and the satisfaction of supporting the AOS. Orchid lovers, from novices to experts, find AOS membership is well worth the cost.

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7 Comments on “American Orchid Society”

  1. Tweeter Says:

    I love my Orchids magazine! When I was just starting with orchids, some of the articles were over my head. But there are always plenty with helpful growing information. It’s sad to hear that they are struggling.

  2. Brian Says:

    Orchids magazine is fantastic. For an extra $50 you can subscribe to AQ+ which is a software program that has a lot of information about the lineage of various hybrids and the award history of different orchids. OrchidWiz is probably better, but AQ+ is more affordable.

  3. All about Orchid Care Says:

    nice, I wanna join.

  4. SBFell Says:

    This is very inspiring. Thanks for this.

  5. Mary Ann The Orchid Care Zone Publisher Says:

    This truly is a wonderful organization that I haven’t talked about nearly enough. I’m working on fixing that. It’s great to give support back to the organization that is so helpful. I wasn’t aware that they were having trouble with memberships. Thank you for raising awareness about this; I will do my part to do the same. For more information on questions you should ask an expert, here is one of my latest articles:

  6. nancy Says:

    good post

  7. oliver Says:

    sadly im german loc in thailand and i aint able to be a member of the worldwide known AOS