Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Sunny beaches and tequila aren’t the only reasons to visit Mexico. Vallarta Botanical Gardens shows off the region’s wonderful biodiversity. It’s an easy bus or taxi ride from downtown Puerto Vallarta. Dave and I just returned from a great visit, and we took lots of pictures. First, of course, are the orchids. A sweetly scented Cattleya, an Oncidium, and an Epidendrum are among hundreds of native Mexican orchid species.

Cattleya flowerOncidium flowerEpidendrum flower with aphid

While hiking through the 20 acre (8.1 hectare) garden, we met two ornithologists doing research nearby. They happily pointed out and named several tropical birds for us. A brilliant blue San Blas Jay and bright yellow Cacique share a papaya lunch at a feeding station. A Mexican Hermit Hummingbird flutters its wings on a branch in the sun. Also, a bright orange butterfly feeds from a yellow bloom. Its damaged wing demonstrates the perils of its life in the Sierra Madre Mountains, maybe a close call with a hungry bird.

Colorful tropical birds at a feeding tray in Puerto VallartaMexican Hermit Hummingbird stretching its wingsOrange butterfly

Dedicated to the study and preservation of native Mexican species, Vallarta Botanical Gardens resides in a tropical dry forest ecosystem at 1300 ft. (396 m) elevation. The gardens have more than 3000 plant species, including palms, tropical fruit trees, bromeliads, and succulents. In addition to the Orquideario (orchid greenhouse,) there are countless orchids mounted in trees, and Vanilla vines everywhere. The visitor center and restaurant are draped in white bougainvillea, with a pond of water lilies in front. Enjoy this sample of the floral beauty we saw, and I’ll have more pictures to share soon.

Hacienda de Oro Visitor Center and Restaurant, covered with Bougainvillea, with Water Lily Pond to leftWater liliesGloriosa  Lily

Laelia flowersCactus with flowersDarwinara flowers in orchid greenhouse

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9 Comments on “Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens”

  1. Martin Says:

    I was in Puerto Vallarta recently and had no idea that there was a botanical garden nearby. Thanks for sharing these pictures – I would have liked to visit the place. Maybe on my next visit.

  2. GR BN Says:

    I enjoyed to find this article. I like your point of view. Thanks a lot. Cheers

  3. Brian Says:

    Gorgeous! I love those Cattleyas — the flower just jump off the computer screen. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Orchidwholesale Says:

    Scuh a nice picture quality, if you dont mind i link to your blog now since its a informative source 🙂 letz share the passion 🙂

  6. Transfers in Vallarta Says:

    I love cattleyas too! I got the chance to admire them on my vacations in Vallarta. They are breathtaking!
    Madison Compton

  7. nancy Says:

    so jealous! I want to go there too!

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