Conservatory of Flowers redux

You didn’t think I could fit all our great photos from the Conservatory of Flowers into one post, did you? Even with another post, it just scratches the surface. There’s so much to inspire and admire; it’s a spoil of photographic riches.
In front of the Conservatory of FlowersPalm leaf at the Conservatory of FlowersBromeliad flower

Botanical beauty takes many forms, especially in the orchid world. I don’t know what Dracula variety is in the next photo, but it’s easy to see why some kinds have the Spanish nickname “monkey face” (“cara de mono.”) A hairy Bulbophyllum bloom in the middle photo also seems more like a mammal than a plant. The maidenhair fern in the last shot imparts a leafier impression.

Dracula flowerClose up of Bulbophyllum flower lipMaidenhair fern

The spoils for our cameras also include more common orchid varieties, like a Miltonia, a Cymbidium, and a Masdevallia. They’re just a sampling of the wonders at the Conservatory of Flowers.

Miltonia flowers at the Conservatory of FlowersCymbidium flowersMasdevallia at the Conservatory of Flowers

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3 Comments on “Conservatory of Flowers redux”

  1. Ramona M Says:

    Thank you..really beautiful!! I’ve never visited the conservatory even tho’ I’m not very far away in Morgan Hill. It looks like a very special place and I’m going to make a point of visiting next time I head up to San Francisco.

  2. Angela Smith Says:

    it is a great post thanks for posting it!

  3. nancy Says:

    grreat photos! Thanks!