Fortunately, it’s easier to grow a Coelogyne than it is to figure out how to say it. Each of these pure white flowers has a bright orange lip, and delights with a sweet scent. Blooms can last a month or more.

Coelogyne flowerCoelogyne flowerCoelogyne flowers

To pronounce it, say “see-LODGE-in-ee.” This species originates in the mountains of Vietnam, where it grows in cloud forests up to 6500 ft. (2000 m) high. It can handle a wide range of temperatures. Mine lives outside all year in the San Francisco fog, and receives some direct sun.

Coelogyne flowerCoelogyne flower close upCoelogyne flower

Coelogynes like frequent waterings during spring and summer, and less during winter dormancy. They enjoy regular fertilizer, high humidity, and good air movement. Almost 200 different Coelogyne species include varieties to suit warm, intermediate, or cool climates. They’re great for beginners who are ready to try a challenge beyond hybrids.

Coelogyne flowers and budsCoelogyne flowers and leavesClose up of Coelogyne flower lip

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  1. Carol in Chicago Says:

    What beautiful photos?! I love the orange part of the flower.

  2. Aydin Oyal Says:

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  3. Chas NYC Says:

    Very nice flowers! If they are easy to grow maybe I’ll be able to keep them in my house. I always enjoy things with a good scent.

  4. Dollie Says:

    Geez, these orchids are unbeleivable. Kudos and such for growing them.

  5. nancy Says:

    Beautiful! I’m so jealous of your orchids.

  6. velez96 Says:

    Great blog

  7. Jesse Dziedzic Says:

    You couldnt be more right!!!