Help Save Native Orchids

The American Orchid Society (AOS) is helping the Nature Conservancy to restore an important piece of land. Myrtle Head is a 72 acre (29 hectare) remnant of native pine savanna near the North Carolina coast. It’s part of the Green Swamp, which is considered one of the top biodiversity hotspots in North America. The Venus Flytrap is its most famous resident, but the Green Swamp is also home to 18 native North American orchid species. These include several types of Epidendrums, Platantheras, Spiranthes, and Pogonias. For more info and lots of great orchid pictures from the Green Swamp, check out this article from the Orchid Conservation Coalition about habitat loss in the area.

Money raised by the AOS will go to restore native habitat, and give these local species a better foothold at Myrtle Head. To help, go to the AOS homepage and click on the “Myrtle Head Savanna” tab. Links to donate are at the bottom of that page. Any size contribution is appreciated.

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