Here on the California coast, the Cymbidiums spoil us. I’ve seen luxuriant blooms on neglected orchids stuffed into sidewalk planters. Gardeners inherit abandoned plants from earlier tenants, sometimes without even realizing that the strap-like leaves belong to orchids. It turns out that our mild climate mimics the slopes of the Himalayas where these orchids grow wild. As long as they receive bright light and water over the summer, they manage to flower. Admittedly, this unidentified yellow hybrid isn’t the most colorful of thousands of Cymbidium varieties. However, it is one of the types with a rich, sweet scent, and it can bloom twice a year.

Yellow Cymbidium flowersClose up of Cymbidium flower lipYellow Cymbidium flower and leaves

One trick to help Cymbidiums bloom is to give them nightly temperature drops of 15-20°F (8-11°C,) especially in autumn. Without this day/night temperature difference, they won’t form flower spikes. Here on the coast, they can grow in full sun. However, growers in warmer areas should provide morning sun and afternoon shade. Plants need enough light so that leaves are light green, not dark green. Cymbidiums enjoy regular fertilizer, and they love compost. They can survive a light frost, although temps below freezing usually damage flowers.

For orchid growers in warmer climates, miniature Cymbidiums like warmer temps. These small varieties are best for growers where summertime temps stay above 70°F (21°C) at night.

Yellow CymbidiumYellow Cymbidium flowersCymbidium flower side view

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6 Comments on “Cymbidiums”

  1. neilD Says:

    Many thanks for your information! Frankly speaking I have never seen any flower that nice. that yellow is very pretty.

  2. nancy Says:

    I grow mine outdoors under an old oak during the spring and summer, and then move them into our unheated garage and add flourescent lights in October. They bloom great every year. I don’t have any fragrant varieties though. Time to go shopping 🙂

  3. Phoebe Angielski Says:

    Good blog post, nice efforts. It couldn’t appear to have been penned any better. Reading this article piece of writing reminds me about my old boss! He usually kept babbling about this. He loves cymbidiums. I will email this post to him. Pretty confident he will probably have a high-quality read. Appreciate your posting!

  4. Raymond Schadt Says:

    Hi man! I really like what you’re providing here. Keep working that way.

  5. Barbara Wright Says:

    Nice flowers. Thanks for the photographs.

  6. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » Outdoor Orchids in San Francisco Says:

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