The Orchid Olympics

Fitting enough for February’s “Obsession Issue” of Smithsonian magazine, there’s an engaging article about “The Orchid Olympics.” Last November’s World Orchid Conference in Singapore attracted over 300,000 visitors from 55 countries. Don’t miss the Smithsonian’s superb video tour of the event, highlighting the prize-winning Orchid Society of Papua New Guinea.

Then check out the astonishing photographs of JG Bryce. He captured thousands of pictures at the conference, and then digitally processed them to bring out depth and focus. Individual flowers stand against white backgrounds, and appear almost in 3D. Bryce’s work requires an obsessive attention to detail which fits in nicely with the Orchid Olympics.

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3 Comments on “The Orchid Olympics”

  1. gorkha89 Says:

    Thanks for the share! Nancy.R

  2. JB Kay Says:

    hey your blog design is very nice, clean and fresh and with updated content, more videos like this please, make people feel peace and I always like browsing your site.

  3. Larry Hofmann Says:

    Good vid, but some of those guys at the beginning look like orchid mobsters! The view inside the show is really cool. Liked the flowers a lot!