Where to Place Your Orchid

As orchids surge in Valentine’s Day popularity, each year brings them into more homes and offices. With a few orchid care basics, they’re as easy as any houseplant. Many types, like Phals, can stay in bloom for months. To help your flowers last their longest, check these tips on where to place your orchid:

  • Most importantly, keep the plant in good humidity. Dry air can quickly make orchid flowers wilt.
  • Except for sun-lovers like Vandas, Arundinas, and some Epidendrums, orchid flowers last longer out of direct sun. After blooms are done, many varieties can be moved into morning sun.
  • Don’t place the orchid near heaters or air conditioning vents. Temperature extremes or dry air may shock it into dropping its flowers.
  • If you live in a cold winter climate, keep the plant away from cold windows.

Of course, if you put your new orchid where it looks most beautiful and reminds you of your valentine, that’s fine too. You may not enjoy the maximum blooming time from your plant, but your orchid and your love will live on.

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3 Comments on “Where to Place Your Orchid”

  1. nancy Says:

    Good tips. I just lost 2 phals by leaving them too close to the window on a cold night. Their leaves started to look bad and then after 2 days they just fell off.

  2. Isabel Fox Says:

    Hello mate, I enjoy this writing here, you are contributing with good information! This site is much helpfull!
    My name is Isabel, I´m from Berlin, so I will be a fan of this web page, I adore orchids as well as movies 🙂
    I made this comment cause as I previously mentioned I really like this page I also have a board just as you, but mine is vey different from yours,
    I will also have to apologize for my language it is the only way I found to talk with you guys….
    Kisses to everybody, love you all

  3. Lee Says:

    Your article perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!