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A single blog post can only scratch the surface of Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden (HTBG), so here’s a second post with more photos from our recent visit. Of course, HTBG has plenty of orchids, large and small.

Cattleya flowers at Hawaii Tropical Botanical GardenClose-up of Cirrhopetalum flowersMaxillariella species at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

However, in this garden even the orchids have competition. Breathtaking flowers line the garden paths. Tropical colors steal the show, like this multi-hued Heliconia, purple Anthurium, and Pink Quill bromeliad.

Heliconia flower at Hawaii Tropical Botanical GardenPurple AnthuriumsTillandsia flower at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

Some visitors tour HTBG in just an hour, but it’s easy to spend half a day or more, especially with a camera. Trying to capture so many exotic plants can take a while. Two more orchids and a blue bromeliad flower spike round out today’s tour, but look for more in future posts.

Purple orchid flowers at Hawaii Tropical Botanical GardenOdont flowerLarge Bromeliad flower spike at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

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6 Comments on “More from Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden”

  1. Emken89 Says:

    nice photographs

  2. nancy Says:

    Love those pictures! Keep em coming…

  3. General Hydroponics Says:

    Gorgeous…! Nice photographs, I would have impressed if you would have posted their names along with the photographs. It would have helped us to know more about the flowers.

  4. Marc Says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the photos. I include plant names whenever I can find them or I recognize the plants. However, some of the plant varieties aren’t labelled at the garden.

  5. Vina 201 Says:

    They have vry nice bouquets and also arrangements with blossoms. some of their flowers are so strange! Yeah certainly
    very pretty. Thanks!

  6. Amanda MacKenney Says:

    Spectacular orchids!! Temptation; temptation! That’s how I feel like when I see orchids like these. Wish I can buy all of them ♥ ♥