More from the Pacific Orchid Expo

When it’s easy to find Phals, Oncidiums, and Epidendrums in any supermarket, it is possible to become jaded by orchids. Fortunately, the vast orchid family is always full of surprises, and these photos from Pacific Orchid Expo 2012 certainly prove my point. Whether it’s an eye-catching hybrid, an unusual species, or a fresh color combination, orchids always offer more.

Phalaenopsis hybrid flowersOncidium speciesEpidendrum hybrid

Anyone feeling uninspired by common supermarket orchids can always find more varieties which are uncommon, or downright weird. Flowers can look like colorful bugs, or may be almost black. Shapes and patterns defy the imagination. As always, the Pacific Orchid Expo had an abundance of great examples. If it ever seems that you’re about to become bored by orchids, look again.

Restrepia speciesFredclarkeara hybrid with flowers that are almost blackMasdevallia species

Cypripedium speciesDracula hybridMiltonia hybrid

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7 Comments on “More from the Pacific Orchid Expo”

  1. Eddie GABALDON Says:

    What very strange flowers. I have never seen them before. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  2. Makarimi Says:

    So many interesting orchids. Even I not there, I asked my friend to get me something 😉 Really long time admire the Fdk After Dark and I got it. From your pictures…the expo looks awesome…hopefully I can be there someday. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wanda Becher Says:

    good post

  4. bluegrass Says:

    Love the weird ones!

  5. david2rh Says:

    what great photos! thanks

  6. nancy Says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. I love that phal. The cyp is really nice, too. Wish I could have been there!!

  7. carlo$ Says:

    The black flower looks almost black, more like very dark purple. Very cool.