To celebrate spring’s arrival, here are some flora and fauna pictures from our recent visit to Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park. We didn’t see any orchids, but we did find a few of the garden’s other natural wonders.

Bloom in Golden Gate Park, San FranciscoHawk perched above the California Native Garden at Strybing ArborteumSucculent flower

For much of the country, winter has hardly made an appearance. San Francisco’s weather has been milder and drier than usual. Fortunately, much-needed winter rains have finally made an appearance this month. A hard-working honeybee can look forward to many more flowers, and the blooms and the warmth of the season are just beginning.

Honeybee in Golden Gate ParkMagnolia flowers at Strybing ArborteumIris bloom in Golden Gate Park

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5 Comments on “Springtime”

  1. Rose Ferrara Says:

    Great photos! I love the shot of the hawk. Do you know what kind it is? I don’t know which ones live in San Francisco.

  2. Marc Says:

    Thanks Rose. I know there are several different species of hawks which live in the area and the park, but I’m not a birder. Any AboutOrchids readers who can identify it?

  3. nancy Says:

    Wow, great pictures once again! I love the hawk and the bee best.

  4. Michelle C. Says:

    Thanks for your wonderful pictures!

  5. Gabriella Nival Says:

    I’m no expert but I think that’s a cooper’s hawk. It doesn’t look like a red tail or red shoulder hawk.