Bruce Peninsula Orchid Festival

Canada’s Bruce Peninsula Orchid Festival isn’t a show, but a wildlife tour. On June 1 & 2,, enjoy the chance to see Southern Ontario‚Äôs native orchids blooming in the wild. Festival events include hikes, workshops, and tours with orchid experts (many activities require reservations.) Since 44 of Canada’s 77 native orchid species grow in the Bruce Peninsula, this is a rare opportunity to see wild lady slippers, grass pink orchids, Goodyeras, and other beautiful wildflowers in their full spring colors. If you can’t make it to Ontario, fellow blogger Orchidelirium has great Bruce Peninsula orchid photos from 2008, 2009, and 2010.

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3 Comments on “Bruce Peninsula Orchid Festival”

  1. Tricia Adams Says:

    This was a great event! I’m glad that I visited the Festival, it was a pure pleasure together with hiking along Bruce Peninsula and spotting many of its orchids growing there. It’s definitely one of the most sceneric places in the world I’ve ever seen.

  2. Shannon Steiner Says:

    I missed it, sorry. It sounds like fun.

  3. JJR34 Says:

    Nice site