Orchids of Australia

Australian Geographic proudly displays that nation’s most beautiful orchids. The article includes a gallery of brilliant illustrations which bring Australia’s most “stunning, mysterious and diverse” orchids to life. Starting with the bizarre underground Rhizanthella orchid, the detailed botanical drawings feature the flamboyant Queen of Sheba orchid, the weird Large Duck Orchid, and many more. Images also show details on pollination, growth habits, and conservation status. Many Australian natives are endangered. While the country has about 6% of the world’s orchid species, 25% of extinctions are occurring there. Take a trip down under to enjoy these unusual specimens.

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3 Comments on “Orchids of Australia”

  1. Ashley Accardo Says:

    Their duck orchids are so WEIRD! They really look like flying ducks. Your link was really worth it. Best wishes!

  2. Sara Says:

    great pics in that article
    thanks for sharing your post

  3. Melinda NC Says:

    I was able to find good info from your blog posts. Fantastic information, saved to my bookmarks (: