Winter Orchids

Unable to garden over winter? As Valentine’s gifts, or simply to escape the cold, orchids are great winter solutions. Even if you don’t have much room for indoor plants, there’s always space for one of the many cool growing orchid varieties. Examples of cool growers include the small Oncidium in the first picture, the large pink Cymbidium in the middle, or the tall purple Epidendrum in the final shot.

Oncidium speciesCymbidium Epidendrum

Cool growers are comfortable with daytime temps of 50°- 70°F (10°- 20°C) and a nightly temperature drop. Despite their cool nature, they still manage to create very tropical displays. Many types can stay in bloom for months, lasting until spring lets you outside again in your garden. Less well known than their warm growing relatives, cool growers can survive in drafty rooms as long as humidity is good. They’re easier to transport in cold weather, lessening the challenge of a wintry trip home from the store. (Always keep them out of freezing temps, which can ruin flowers or kill plants.) These cool growing orchids ensure that you don’t need to miss out on winter blooms.

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