Pacific Orchid Expo 61

Prepare to be amazed at the upcoming 61st Pacific Orchid Expo. The country’s largest orchid show debuts Thursday evening with a preview gala, and is open to all from Friday through Sunday. Fitting for San Francisco, with historically strong ties to Asia, this year’s theme is “East meets West.” Below I’ve posted a few photos from recent years’ shows to whet your appetite. Tickets are available at the door, or online at the San Francisco Orchid Society’s website.

Epidendrums in a variety of colorsStenorrhynchus speciesStanhopea species

The Marin Independent Journal details the highlights of the big event. In line with this year’s theme, it includes tips for feng-shui decor with orchids. I’ve excerpted a few of the tips below; the article includes more.

Display a pot of sunny yellow orchids on the kitchen counter to ensure your family’s health and happiness.

One of the most important areas to place an orchid is at your desk or workspace. This is considered a “fortune site” and is believed to bring wealth and prosperity.

Use white orchids anywhere in your home, whether it be a bathroom or office, since white is the most versatile feng-shui color bringing a crisp, clear and fresh energy to the space.

Orchids are considered a four-season flower, which are thought to be especially lucky. For those who can’t grow actual orchids, just displaying pictures of orchids around your home is said to infuse your home with blooming energy, bringing prosperity, good luck, wealth and harmony.

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2 Comments on “Pacific Orchid Expo 61”

  1. caroline_marques15 Says:

    i love ur pictures, this subject is a lot interesting

  2. Naz Says:

    I have almost always loved orchids. I used to think they were delicate and fussy and hard to grow. But it’s surprising how robust and (mostly) carefree most orchids are. Not that I’ve had unlimited success! But as with most things in life, if you don’t fuss over them too much they turn out surprisingly well. The rewards, in colors and textures like this, are amazing.