Kawamoto Orchid Nursery

Don’t let Hawaii’s famous sun, sand, and surf keep you from its other wonders, like Kawamoto Orchid Nursery. Located in Honolulu’s Palolo neighborhood, Kawamoto grows beautiful orchids for Hawaii and the mainland. During a recent visit, Dave and I enjoyed meeting Kawamoto’s friendly staff, exploring their showroom, and getting lost in their vast nursery.

Moth Orchid hybrid at Kawamoto OrchidsPsychopsis flower at Kawamoto Orchids Renanthera hybrid

Kawamoto’s extensive greenhouses have aisle after aisle of hybrids and species, and it was impossible to see them all. Orchids were in every corner. Some weren’t in bloom, but many, large and small, had sprays of flowers. Cattleyas, Vandas, and Epidendrums soaked in the warm, tropical sun. Shade cloth or plastic roofs covered greenhouses for lower light varieties and young plants.

Epidendrums and Cattleyas on benches at Kawamoto OrchidsKawamoto Orchids geenhouseCattleyas in greenhouse

So how did I survive temptation with of all these gorgeous orchids? After all, Kawamoto has permits to ship to the mainland. I was certainly tempted, but didn’t buy anything this time. I don’t have a greenhouse, and don’t have room for any more warm growers in my city apartment, so I was happy to leave with our cameras full of photos.

Red and white Phaius hybridLarge Brassia hybridVanda flowers at Kawamoto Orchids

Ceratostylis speciesAntelope-type Dendrobium hybridCattleya hybrid at Kawamoto Orchids

If you want to see what Kawamoto Orchids has to offer, either head to Hawaii or go online. Customers in the USA can purchase plants to bring back from vacation or have them shipped home. They also sell orchids at many mainland shows. Kawamoto gift baskets and gift certificates make great presents for orchid lovers. Not all of their vast inventory is listed online, so call for specific orders or with questions: (808)-732-5808.

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  1. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » More from Kawamoto Orchid Nursery Says:

    […] Kawamoto Orchid Nursery in Honolulu was so packed with incredible plants that my first post just scratched the surface. […]

  2. tassilo97 Says:

    This is “spot on”. I love the views inside the greenhouse, very intersting!

  3. Danny Nevins Says:

    cool pics, great colors and shapes
    never seen so many different kinds of orchids before

  4. Raquel Says:

    nice website, very intiresting. Keep on the good work. A friend from abroad

  5. Roberto Perez Says:

    I’ve been to honolulu a bunch of times and I did not know they were there! I must visit them next time.

    You have very nice blog here. Thank you for the cool pictures.