Summer Blooms

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared pictures from our back garden, so I went out with my camera during this week’s warm spell to snap a few shots. From Violas to Lily of the Nile to Nasturtiums, there’s plenty in bloom.

Violas in bloomAgapanthus flowersNasturtium flower

There are always orchids in bloom on the back deck. One of my favorites, a Masdevallia species from Bolivia, flowers reliably every summer. My old pink Cymbidium blooms over winter, and usually drops its flowers in spring. However, this year it’s been happy enough to keep blooming into summer. The last picture shows a fuchsia. From similar humid jungles as orchids, they all love San Francisco’s fog.

Masdevallia speciesCymbidium flowersFuchsia flowers

Another fuchsia with smaller blooms shows why they’re local garden favorites. Finally, small succulents have interesting architectures, demonstrating that flowers aren’t always necessary to stand out in a summer garden.

Mini Fuchsia flowerSucculentClose up of miniature succulent

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4 Comments on “Summer Blooms”

  1. nancy Says:

    Love your fuchsias! And that blue and white flower is really great too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Millie Radaker Says:

    Ooh I just bought a nasturtium. Mine is still so small though. Love the pictures.

  3. wendi c Says:

    wow! such great flowers. Thank you for the share. i am jealous of your garden!

  4. Geri5465 Says:

    I want to buy some masdevallas, but I live where the weather is a bit iffy. they’re fully beautiful and very trendy! only if I ever get my greenhouse!