Orchids Require Special Treatment To Look Their Best

In the Richmond Times-Dispatch, orchid expert Arthur Chadwick explains how to make orchids look their best. Whether you want your blooms to win a ribbon or to dazzle in a photo, it helps to know orchid grooming basics. Good presentation enhances orchid beauty. Some of the tips include:

  • Stake flower spikes upright. Add stakes to Phals, Paphs, and Oncidiums while their spikes are still small. Wait to stake Cattleyas until buds are mature. Dendrobium spikes are strong enough that they don’t need staking.
  • Flowers should all face the same direction. Do not turn plants while buds are developing, or they will reorient to the light and be askew. You can turn plants after all flowers are fully open.
  • Plants should look happy and healthy. Remove dead or damaged leaves with sterile blades. Clean any dust or debris from the leaves.

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2 Comments on “Orchids Require Special Treatment To Look Their Best”

  1. Cassie170 Says:

    I hate it when I see dusty flowers! It ruins the look.

  2. KC5 Says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting, this was very helpful. Many thanks a whole lot for sharing!