Dormant Orchids

Orchid care changes with the seasons, and many orchids begin dormancy as winter approaches. During this rest period, they need less water and fertilizer. Winter dormancy mimics a dry season in the orchids’ native habitats.

Orchids like the Cattleya, Dendrobium, and Oncidium in the pictures below won’t bloom without a dry period. Cut back on watering in autumn. During winter, wait until their pseudobulbs start to shrivel, and then water thoroughly. Reduce fertilizer, also. Always keep humidity levels high.

Popular orchid varieties like Phals, Lady Slippers, and Pleurothallids do not go dormant. With winter’s lower light and cooler temps, however, it’s ok to give them less water. Don’t let them dry too much. When temps warm in the spring, resume their regular watering schedule.

Cattleya flowersDendrobium hybridOncidium flowers

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