Why Moth Orchids Are Great for Beginners

Moth Orchids, or Phals, are some of the most popular houseplants in the world. Thanks to their beauty, elegance, and toughness, Phals now live in countless homes and offices. If you’re buying an orchid gift, especially for an orchid beginner, there’s no better choice. Here are few reasons why:

  • Moth Orchids have very long lasting flowers. Kept in high humidity and warm temps, their blooms can last two months or more.
  • Phals are floral masterpieces, with an endless variety of patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors. New hybrids appear frequently. They are available everywhere, from supermarkets to big box stores to florists.
  • Moth Orchids need lower light levels than many other orchid varieties, so they’re easier to re-bloom. Place them in bright light, but limit direct sun so they don’t burn.
  • They enjoy the same temperatures that people do, about 75°F (24°C) during the day, and 65°F (18°C) at night. Keep them away from cold drafts. Phals can easily grow on a warm windowsill or under lights.

If that leaves any doubt, below are six more reasons why Moth Orchids are perfect gifts for the holidays.

Moth Orchid hybridMoth Orchid flower and budMoth Orchid hybrid

Moth Orchid hybridHarlequin Phal hybridMoth Orchids

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4 Comments on “Why Moth Orchids Are Great for Beginners”

  1. Cassandra Says:

    Way cool! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  2. Josh Braden Says:

    Hi! I just wish to offer you a /big/ thumbs up for your excellent pics you’ve got right here on this post.

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    Wonderful аrticle! Τhis is the kind of information
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  4. CG Says:

    Yesterday I got one for Christmas. It is so beautiful! I sure hope we will not kill it.