Winter Garden

Admittedly, we’re spoiled gardeners here in San Francisco. It rarely goes below freezing, so we can grow lots of tropical plants outdoors all year. Many enjoy the cooler winter weather, and bloom through the season. During sunny days, butterflies and bees make an appearance to enliven the garden. These recent pictures from our backyard show how spoiled we are:

Oncidium flowers grown outdoors in San FranciscoSolanum flowers grown outdoors in San FranciscoImpatiens flowers and leaves

Butterfly in fuchsia tree in San FranciscoOrange Epidendrum flowers grown outdoors in San FranciscoAloe species grown outdoors in San Francisco

Even on the greyest, chilliest days, three colors of Epidendrums inspire warm thoughts. Other garden residents, like a trumpet flower, a lilac hibiscus, and a hebe, are happy to spoil us by ignoring the calendar. For those of you stuck in cold weather this season, remember that winter won’t last forever. In a short while, spoils like these will return to your garden, too.

Red, orange, and purple Epidendrum flowers grown outdoors in San FranciscoBrugmansia hybrid, fragrant trumpet flower grown outdoors in San FranciscoAlyogyne huegelii, Lilac Hibiscus, grown outdoors in San Francisco

Variegated Hebe flowers and leavesHibiscus trionum flower buds and leaves grown outdoors in San FranciscoHoneybee flying to fuchsia tree flowers

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One Comment on “Winter Garden”

  1. Tory Says:

    So jealous…it is -10 here in Illinois. Even the plants inside on my windowsill froze 🙁