Wild Orchids in the UK

The Brits love orchids, and, of course, that includes their native varieties. Over spring and summer, wild orchid blooms can make UK headlines. For example, the BBC reports on bee orchids in West Sussex which are not growing where they’re supposed to. A large number of the unusual orchids are thriving in “highly acidic clay soil at Wakehurst Place,” despite their preference for chalky soil.

There’s orchid news from Derbyshire. Many of the region’s 16 native orchid species can be seen in bloom in the wild. The bird’s-nest orchid, the pyramidal orchid, and the early purple orchid are just a few of the jewels to find.

Meanwhile, bee orchids are blooming early in Gloucestershire. By appearing several weeks early in Minchinhampton Common, they merit an article with photos. I wish more newspapers would follow native orchids so well.

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