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Joining your local orchid society is one of the best ways to learn about orchids. Let’s say you’re a novice, and you’ve already discovered the treasure trove of basic orchid info here at AboutOrchids. Your local orchid society can help you build on that knowledge. The people you meet will share your love of orchids, and will be great resources to advance your orchid education. They’ll be especially helpful for local expertise that’s tough to find, such as which orchid varieties do best in your specific climate.

Besides hosting annual shows, many orchid societies have monthly meetings. These may have orchid displays, awards, vendors, raffles, auctions, and expert speakers. Even if you can’t attend meetings often, their newsletters can help keep you updated. Most societies support local, national, and international conservation efforts.

Here are a few links to help locate an orchid society near you:

Still not convinced to check out a local meeting? Here are more convincing reasons from a recent San Francisco Orchid Society gathering —
Paphiopedilum, Lady Slipper flower, displayed at San Francisco Orchid Society meeting, Aug. 2013Sobralia xantholeuca 'Terrys Favorite' x Sobralia leuceola, orchid hybrid, displayed at San Francisco Orchid Society meeting, Aug. 2013 Disa uniflora, orchid species flowers, displayed at San Francisco Orchid Society meeting, Aug. 2013

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2 Comments on “Join Your Local Orchid Society”

  1. Kevin I. Says:

    Way cool! Plenty of useful info here.

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