A Kaleidoscope of Orchids in Singapore

Singapore is in full bloom for the Singapore Garden Festival, and, of course, orchids are a big part of the show. The event opens today and runs until August 24th. The 33 foot (10 m) tall wall of orchids in this video is only one of the amazing displays.

In the second video, an enormous Tiger Orchid, or Grammatophyllum, is being moved into place for the festival. How do you move a 661 pound (300 kg) orchid? Carefully! It’s a rare sight in bloom, but this one is a baby compared to the biggest ones, which can weigh more than 1 ton (907 kg.)

The Singapore Garden Festival takes place at Gardens by the Bay. The displays include lots of tropical plants besides orchids, with landscape gardens, fantasy gardens, balcony gardens, and floral arrangements, among others. Check out photos of the event at The Straits Times.

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